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Facial Aesthetics

  • Face Rejuvenation with Fat Injection

    Fat injection is based on the principle of taking fats from another part of your body with my specially-produced tools for th...

  • Chin and Cheek Shaping

    Some bones may be underdeveloped on your face, mostly with congenital factors and sometimes after accidents. In such cases af...

  • Mid-Face Lift

    Mid-Face Lift-Rejuvenation Middle face is described as the region of cheeks and cheekbones. At younger ages, the fat tissue ...

  • Classic Face and Neck Lift

    Which areas are intervened in face and neck lift operations? Who is eligible for this surgery? If aging signs on your face m...

  • Eyelid Aesthetics

    Eyelids are one of the places where aging is noticeable mostly. In recent years, there have been very serious changes to the ...

  • Prominent Ear Operation

    What is the prominent ear? There are basically two pathologies in the prominent ear: Folds that should be in the earlob...

  • Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty is the operation of reshaping the nose by shaping the cartilage and bone structure (enlarging, reduc...