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Filling Applications

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most commonly used methods in medical aesthetic applications. It has been used for years for reducing the fine lines in the face, providing volume to the face and return to the natural facial contours. Your lips become fuller and younger with filling applications. Your cheeks look fuller and lighter, your under-eye bags are filled, the pits around the lips are filled and the troughs that go down from the nose edges are filled.

Lip filling

With aging, your lip fullness is reduced, they get thinner and slightly turn inward. Fuller mouths provide a more youthful and dynamic image. Your lips can be genetically thin. It is possible to fill your lips with filling materials containing hyaluronic acid. You can reach the natural, dynamic, beautiful lips with hyaluronic acid-containing fillers when it is made on an appropriate place with the appropriate amount and appropriate technique. Hyaluronic acid will also increase the moisturizing of your lips.

Cheek and under eye light filling

By aging, volume loss is seen on cheeks and this leads to a tired appearance. Some grooves occur extending from the nose edges to the mouth corners with the sagging of cheeks. We can create a tightening effect by filling the wrinkles and collapsed areas with the hyaluronic acid filling material. You can reach a younger and alive appearance.

By aging, some collapses may occur under eyes in a semi-circle shape.  Sometimes, even if you are young, you can have a structurally collapsed area. You can get a brighter appearance with light filling, which is applied by using a hyaluronic acid filler that is produced specially for this region, has a very thin molecular structure, supports collagen tissue at the same time and helps to lighten the skin colour.

Skin rejuvenation filling

Among the filler materials used on your face, special products including multivitamin, mineral, amino acid, DNA and RNA are used in skin rejuvenation and filling.  These products are the FDA approved and contain very small amounts of hyaluronic acid fillers. After anaesthetizing your face with cream, it is applied on the whole face and neck skin with very fine needles. The main aim is to directly give the materials required by the subcutaneous collagen tissue. It is very unlikely that the creams that you apply to your skin will reach the target tissue effectively through the skin. However, with this method, we achieve the maximum benefit since the product is directly given to the target tissue. It should be applied at least 3 sessions with 1 week of interval according to the need of your skin.