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Mid-Face Lift

Mid-Face Lift-Rejuvenation

Middle face is described as the region of cheeks and cheekbones. At younger ages, the fat tissue of the cheek is positioned more upside, cheeks are tighter, and cheekbones look fuller. The fullness of your face is more in the upper part and in an oval shape. The buccal fat tissue moves downwards with aging and your face becomes square. Fullness shifts from the upper part to mouth edges. Grooves occur extending from nose edges to mouth corners.

Am I suitable for mid-face lift surgery?

You may be suitable for the operation if your cheeks look straighter than they were, borders of your cheekbones are prominent and if you see an exhausted face in the mirror. You will be evaluated by your doctor before the surgery. This surgery is not an operation which should absolutely be performed in advanced ages. It is usually made after 30 years of age.

Does mid-facelift surgery eliminate all signs of aging on my face?

In mid-facelift surgery, sagged tissues are lifted up to the deep level and the forehead and temple area is also tightened without stretching the skin and subcutaneous tissue. If you have elasticity loss in your skin and sagging on your neck, mid-facelift surgery may not be enough alone. You may need to have a mid-face lift operation with a classic facelift operation.

How to perform mid-face lift surgery? Does it leave a scar?

Mid-face lift surgery; deep tissues are liberalized and lifted up with special tools by making incisions from the scalp and inside of the mouth.  Fullness is provided on the cheekbones. Endoscopic mid-face lift is lifting upper and middle parts of the face up and fixating them in upper positions. The incision is made on the scalp by paying attention to the hair follicles and suturing appropriately, so there will be no disturbing scar.

After the surgery, the patient can reach a younger appearance and grooves around the mouth disappear. The operation lasts an average of 1.5-3 hours. Depending on the added surgical intervention (eyelid aesthetics, fat injection), the period is extended.

How is the post-operative period?

There may be significant swelling on the face for the first 24-48 hour after the operation. Your face looks bigger and fuller than it is. It may take 2 months for the face to get the final shape. You can return to work after the 1st week.