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Thigh Aesthetics

What are the most frequent operations within the concept of thigh aesthetics?

Lifting of the inner thigh and leg shaping operations (fat injection to the leg and calf prosthesis) are the most common operations.

Who are eligible for medial thigh lift operation?

People who have lost more than 20 kilos of weight and have complained about the sagging of the skin from the groin area until the upper part of the knee and therefore cannot wear shorts or skirts are suitable for this operation.

What kind of benefits are provided by the operation?

After the surgery, you will get rid of the excess sagging skin causing your legs to rub each other and appear thicker, you will have more shaped and thinner legs especially in the upper inner part.

What are the disadvantages of this operation?

The biggest disadvantage is that it is an operation which leaves scars. It is aimed to make the incision as a thin line hidden under the inguinal area, but sometimes scars can be moved down by 1-2 mm with the effect of gravity. If you decide to undergo surgery, you need to accept this fact.

In which conditions are fat injection to thigh and thigh prosthesis operations applied?

If the space is prominent especially in the inner part under the knee level when you combine your ankles and if you are complaining of the flattening in the interior part of your leg at the under-knee level and therefore you cannot wear skirts, you can get good results of thigh shaping operations.

Fat injection to the leg is basically the process of filling the flattening in your calf’s inner surface using regional fats in your body. So, your legs get a smoother appearance.

Calf prosthesis is applied if the muscle tissue of your leg is very thin and weak, so there is a lack of the fullness and if the interior part looks empty. In some people, two operations should be applied at the same time.

Is the fat injection to the legs permanent?

Yes, it is permanent. Before the surgery, your doctor will mark the areas where to extract and inject fats. After the surgery, you will see that this area becomes more swollen than it should be. In an average of 2 months, 10% of the injected fat cells will dissolve and residual parts will be permanent.

The fat cells are transferred into the tissues in the form of stem cells. Stem cells survive by adapting to the tissue, just like seeds.

Is thigh prosthesis harmful to your health? Does it restrict your movements?

Thigh prosthesis is a specially manufactured prosthesis made of silicone. It is approved by the FDA. It is placed by making a 4 cm incision from the folding area behind the knee. It is placed in the anatomically existing space between two muscle tissues. Therefore, you will not experience permanent muscle weakness or numbness. But in the early period after the surgery, you can feel tension when you take steps or climb stairs. You will get used to this situation in 7 days.