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Abdominoplasty Operation

Abdominoplasty Operation

Abdominoplasty operation recovers the sagged abdominal skin with stretch marks, caused by several pregnancies and rapid weight gain and loss, by tightening the skin of this area. Pregnancy causes more or a few deformations of the abdominal area, as the number of pregnancies increases, stretch marks, and loosening of the skin increase, and the distance between the connective tissue and the bilaterally extending muscle tissue increases in the anterior abdominal wall. As a result, a pot-like abdomen appears which cannot be corrected no matter how much weight is lost. Even if you have gained and lost weight about 30 pounds during the pregnancy, sagging on the skin will increase much more. Some women complain of the fact that they cannot see their genital area because of the sagging on the abdominal area.

The only way to fix a sagging skin with stretch marks, loose muscles and a curved abdomen is abdominoplasty operation.  You can get rid of stretch marks under the navel and excess skin and fat tissue with abdominoplasty operation, and your abdominal area reaches its former tight appearance. At the same time, the upper part of the sagging genital area is also recovered.

Abdominoplasty Operation Process

Abdominal operation leaves scars. Scars are at least two times longer than a cesarean scar. The length of the scar depends on the sagging degree. The important thing is not the length of the scar but to shape the waist area without leaving auricles at sides. However, the scar remains in the bikini area. Your navel is shaped as well. There is also a scar around the navel.

During the operation, an incision is made on a line extending from the caesarean scar to the sides and sagging and loose skin with stretch marks until the navel line is excised. Abdominal muscles are tightened, and the skin above the navel is pulled down. The navel is reshaped.

The operation lasts 2.5 hours on average.

In abdominoplasty operation, flattening the abdomen is not enough only to achieve an aesthetic result. The waist area should be shaped as well. For this reason, we apply liposuction to the waist area in most of the abdominoplasty cases.

When is the right time for abdominoplasty operation?

A woman who has given birth needs to wait for one year to undergo abdominoplasty operation. In this period, all the weight which came from pregnancy should be lost. Surgery does not pose a problem for later pregnancies, but if pregnancy is planned for a closer time, it is more appropriate to postpone the surgery after pregnancy considering that deformation might happen in any pregnancy.

If the reason of sagging and deformation is the excess weight change, it is more appropriate to postpone the surgery after losing weight.

Is liposuction alone sufficient to tighten the abdominal area?

If the person has given birth once and there are no stretch marks or sagging in the abdomen, liposuction may be sufficient alone. However, when more than one birth is given and weight up to 30 kg is gained and lost in pregnancy, liposuction is not enough. Liposuction does not help anything other than increasing the sagging.

What does mini abdominoplasty mean?

It is the tightening of the area which remains under the navel only. It has no effect on the navel. For this reason, it is appropriate for people who have mild skin sagging only under the navel. It is generally appropriate for women who have given only one birth.

How is the pre-operative and post-operative period?

Consuming liquid foods for 3 days before the operation provides a comfortable post-operative period. It should never be smoked in the pre-operative and post-operative period. Smoking will impair your scars as it disrupts circulation and reduces the blood oxygen level. It should certainly be stopped two weeks before the operation.

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia in the operating room. It takes approximately 3 hours. You come to your bed with a corset on your body. Pain is severe during the first 6 hours mostly. You may need to lie down by pushing your legs to the abdomen and walk slightly bent forward for 3 days.

You can have a shower after the 7th day, you can return to work on the 7th day at the earliest. You can go on a walk after 2 weeks and do other slight exercises after 4 weeks.

It may take 6 months for the abdominal and waist area to reach the final shape.