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Chin and Cheek Shaping

Some bones may be underdeveloped on your face, mostly with congenital factors and sometimes after accidents. In such cases affecting the proportions of your face; it is possible to provide symmetry and proportional appearance on your face by placing silicone prosthesis on the jawbone tip, the outer edge of the jawbone and on the cheekbone.

If your lower jaw tip is far behind your nose tip and your neck area is full and short when you look at your face in the mirror, you may be eligible for jaw tip aesthetics. It would be beneficial to interview with your plastic surgeon.

Sometimes your jaw tip may be too protruding. In this case, the protruding part is rasped, and a rounder appearance is obtained to the face. These surgeries can be performed together with fat injection.

How is jaw tip aesthetics performed?

Under general anaesthesia, an incision is made through the mouth, and a prosthesis which is produced from an appropriate-size silicone for this region is placed in order to provide enlargement in jaw tip area. It is fixated appropriately. The incision made in the mouth will not cause permanent discomfort.

In the jaw tip reduction operation, an incision is made again through the mouth and jaw tip is rasped.

How is the post-operative period?

Pain is at a mild degree after the operation. There may be swelling and bruising for the first 24-48 hours. It is recommended to consume soft food which is easy to chew and gargle your mouth at first with water and then with betadine after each meal. Stitches used in the mouth will dissolve spontaneously.

It may take 1 month for your jaw to reach its final shape.