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Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Liposuction

Over the years, developments have been made in liposuction applications and the effects of a number of energies (ultrasound – sound energy, laser-light energy, vibrating cannula- mechanical energy) are utilized. Vaser (ultrasonic liposuction) is absorbed with fine-needle cannulae again after the fat tissue is dissolved with such cannulae as a probe which is radiating ultrasound from the end parts. In this way, both the fat tissue becomes liquid and vein-nerve damage becomes less with the fat selective feature. This means less swelling and bruising. Heating provided by ultrasonic waves on the skin creates a firming effect. It can be technically applied under local + sedation (state of sleep) or general anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia + sedation is more appropriate for a single area. We can achieve very good results especially in areas where the local fat tissue is excessive such as the waist, hip, and abdomen. It allows the abdominal region to be shaped 3-dimensional in men and women.

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You do not need to stay in the hospital or you can stay for a maximum of 1 night. You can take a shower after the 3rd day. It is appropriate to wear a special corset for 5-6 weeks. Then you can start doing exercises.

The basic principle is a safe surgery as in any plastic surgery operation. Each person’s skin elasticity, muscle structure, regional lubrication may show different characteristics. This will affect the result. The important thing is to get effective results without causing a risk factor (fat or pulmonary embolism) and without making harm (collapses, adhesions). Weight-length ratio, skin elasticity, birth, whether they are stretch marks or not are important factors. If there is additionally rectus diastasis (two parallel long muscles in the anterior wall of the abdomen are separate, because of births) in a person who has severe sagging to require abdominoplasty, skin is tightened to a certain extent. Vaser will not be enough only. However, the result will be excellent if abdominoplasty is also added.

If there is a structurally thick leg, areas that need to be intervened are the hip, the anterior surface leg, perineum, interior of the knee, ankle and the knee. When we work in a very wide area to make the leg thinner, although the vein and nerve damage is minimal, oedema will be more severe due to the damage to the lymphatic network and this will adversely affect the healing. It will also affect the result.

Lastly, although techniques are introduced as miracles, the most important factor is the surgeons who are applying the procedure. It poses a risk if more than 8.4% of one’s body is taken as fat tissue. I wish you to be in safe hands…