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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery

What kind of problems can big breasts cause?

Women with larger and sagging breasts compared to their bodies suffer from spine problems over time and these people cannot stand upright no matter how much they try to achieve it. Back and neck pains are seen often. Women with a neck hernia have significantly large breasts. Bra strap regions get collapsed with the effect of weight. Rashes, fungal infections, and skin-quality deteriorations are seen frequently in the folding area of breasts. It is not possible to keep this region dry and clean because of large breasts.

Besides all these physical effects, large breasts have negative effects on psychological health. It can harm the self-confidence of women and make them unhappy.

Who can undergo breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can be performed in people who are 18 years of age, who have no obstacle for taking anaesthesia and who have physical and psychological problems due to their big breasts.

Do people feel pain after breast reduction surgery?

The post-operative period after breast reduction surgery can easily be tolerated even in patients with a very low pain threshold. Some pain and discomfort are seen during the first 6 hours after the surgery, but patients are relieved after a certain time. Women can feel light immediately after they stand upright because they get rid of all the weight caused by large breasts.

How is the surgical technique? How long does the surgery last?

Breast reduction surgery averagely lasts 2.5 hours. This time may vary depending on the size of the breasts and the difficulty of shaping. Breast reduction surgery is the operation where the breast is lifted and shaped by being reduced in size at the same time. Operation scars are in the form of a straight line extending from the right middle of the colored part on the nipple to downward and in the form of a horizontal line in the folding area underneath the breast.

Do operation scars disappear over time?

Operation scars vary from person to person and begin to disappear within 1 year. Scar recovery is faster for white-skinned, non-smoker and healthy people. As a surgeon, I follow operation scars after the operation and give the necessary recommendations to patients.

Will there be any sensory loss on the nipple after breast reduction surgery? Does this surgery prevent breastfeeding?

There is no permanent loss of sensation in the nipple thanks to the latest surgical techniques. However, numbness might occur in the nipple for about one year after the operation in very large and sagging breasts. No permanent erogenous sense loss happens.

Women can breastfeed after breast reduction surgery. As general medical information, there will be a reduction by 30% in lactation function after this operation.

Is breast reduction surgery a protective operation against cancer? Does it cause cancer?

Breast reduction surgery does not cause cancer.

Since a part of the breast tissue is removed by breast reduction surgery, some of the tissues that may develop potential breast cancer are also removed. However, breast reduction surgery is not a surgery which is made with the protective aim against cancer.

How is the breast size determined?

Size of the breast is determined by the drawing made before the operation. These drawings and markings are made by considering the shoulder width, trunk width, the diameter of the nipples and the degree of the sagging. The expectation and desire of the patient are also important.