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Laser Liposuction: What is Laser Lipolysis? What is Liposuction?

Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis means dissolving the fat tissue. Lipo: Fat Lysis: Consists of the merging of the word “melting”. In people with very limited amounts of excess regional fat tissue, it is appropriate to simply dissolve the fat and wait for it to be discarded by the body. However, in individuals with high regional fat content; Melting the body fat and leaving the fat cells damaged in the cell wall in that area can cause roughness in that area.

Liposuction is the absorption of the molten fat tissue through the negative pressure and disposal of it out of the body. In individuals who have excess fat, suction should definitely be performed.

Why is the fat tissue melted? What is the purpose of properly melting? Which methods are used?

Before the liposuction; the solution is injected with thin tubes to spread to the region narrowing the veins, reducing the bleeding, and allowing the liquid to become more liquid; and then by using laser energy, it is liquefied. Laser, with the energy it provides, liquefies the fat, at the same time, it makes the skin tight. The melting of the fat tissue uniformly everywhere reduces the likelihood of pitting and collapses. It provides a smoother surface in experienced hands. It is possible to get all of the existing regional fat. We can also use ultrasonic energy (vaser) for laser liquefaction. Vaser allows us to get higher amounts of fat tissues. However, it has been proven that more than 8.4% of the body weight should not be taken to avoid any risk of fat embolism. In order to prevent unwanted conditions, the fat tissue should be intervened without risk.

What are the advantages of Laser Liposuction?

It ensures the fat tissue to melt uniformly, so the undesirable conditions such as collapsing and pitting. While removing the fat tissue in the correct way,  the skin tightening is also ensured. It ensures the tightening of stretch marks in the skin with stretch marks. However, this condition should not be misunderstood. Laser liposuction benefits in the skin of the belly with a little sagging and with a few stretch marks after a single birth. However, if a person has given more than one birth and it has a limited benefit with a lot of stretch marks and sagging. Laser liposuction is not an alternative to abdominal stretching. Since the vein selective wavelength is used, it is less likely that veins will be damaged and bruised. In the traditional method, the tightening effect of the skin is gradual yet the tightening effect in the laser liposuction is immediate.

How is the Laser Lipolysis Process?

Laser liposuction is not a process that you can have in your lunchtime and continue your work afterwards. Each patient usually requires multiple areas to work with. For example, abdominal-waist or basin-knee. You can return home 6 hours after the procedure, but this will be determined by the multiplicity of the application area. You come to your bed dressed in a corset. It is best to wear a corset for 6 weeks. There will only be the entrance holes. They will close in 3 days. It is operated under sterile conditions in the operating room environment. 2 months after the application, the swellings will start to disappear. When it is six months, your body will almost take its final shape. From the 2nd month, you can do exercises and increase muscle firmness. This will make the result even more perfect.


What are the things to pay attention afterwards?

Liposuction is a body shaping surgery. It is not an intervention that we can apply every time we gain weight. For this reason, after the process, you should maintain your weight and make the healthy nutrition and sports the principle of life.