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Post-Bariatric Surgery

Post-Bariatric Surgery

Sleeve gastroctemy surgeries are the operations which are decided whether it is necessary according to the body mass index measurement result. 30 or more is generally considered as obese. In the case of losing 30 kilos or more weight with tube gastric surgery and/or sports and diet; even though it changes from person to person, there may be a form change in the body due to the sagging and inability to look thin regardless of how much weight you lose. Most people dream of wearing smaller sizes of clothes, but it may not be possible due to the excess skin despite weight-loss. It is possible to accept this situation and get the desired body shape with a series of plastic surgery operations.

How long after the sleeve gastroctemy surgery, aesthetical operations should be started?

All excess weight must be lost and you must maintain this weight for at least 6 months. Your blood values should be within normal limits, iron in the blood, b12 levels should not be low. The results obtained from aesthetic operations in patients who adopt sports and dietary as a life principle are much better.

Why does the skin sag?

Elastic fibres keep our skin tight and fit. Rapid weight gain from your normal weight cause the elastic fibres to extend irreversibly. As a result, your skin does not become tight. The skin laxity grows even worse when stretch marks, which also disrupts the elasticity, are added (which are due to breaks of elastic fibres). If you do not have stretch marks, losing weight by doing exercises, will be more useful with the effect of the ligaments between the muscle and the skin.

Where to start with plastic surgeries?

The changes occur mainly in the breast, abdomen, back, buttocks, arms, legs. The situation is different in each patient. For example; breast development in adolescents who are overweight is more backward. Therefore, we may not see a lot of sagging. In such cases, only breast enhancement with silicone prosthesis will be sufficient. But people who have gained and lost weight after the breast surgery; may suffer from sagging. Planning should be done according to the degree of the sagging and whether the breast tissue is adequate. Lift operation and silicone prosthesis are suitable for those with sagging and low skin elasticity and for those whose breasts feels hollow. The central pedicled technique provides better results as it permits the removal of the excess skin and reshaping of the breast if the sagging is suitable (the distance to the nipple from the middle of the collar bone should not exceed 29 cm). Neither the patient nor the doctor should be an attempt to finish all the operation at one session. Health comes before beauty, when operations are executed part by part, better results are achieved. For example, we can make combinations such as breast lift + arm lift, abdominal + breast lift, arm lift + leg thigh lift, buttock lift + scar revision. There should be at least 6 months between the surgeries. In the next operation, retouching can be made.

Breast: Silicone prosthesis is suitable if the breasts are not only sagged but also small. We decide by compromising, considering the size and shape (drop, round) according to your body size as well as according to your expectations in a common point. If the breasts are sagging and the breast tissue is adequate, lifting is suitable. If the breasts are both sagging and hollow, then lifting + prosthesis will give good results.

Arms: When you open your arms by bending your arms up from the elbow, if you have a swinging image like a bat wing inside, arm lift operation is needed. In the arm lift operation, the excess skin is removed, and arm is reshaped towards the inner side of the arm where there is an incision mark. The incision line may require correction, especially in the axillary section.

Legs: There may be sagging extending to the knee from inside of the leg. We can understand when we open the legs in a sitting position ideally. Depending on the degree of the sagging, it is possible to tighten by creating a thin trace that will remain hidden in the groin area so that it is hidden along the inside of the leg (if sagging is much more).

Buttock Lift: Using the own tissue of the buttocks as a prosthesis, it is possible to lift and plump the buttock. The sagging will be gone, and your buttock will also look full. Traces can be in the form of a butterfly wing in the upper curve of the buttock or in line with the tail end. The line will remain in the area covered by a bikini.

It is appropriate to stay in the hospital for two nights in combined operations. Rest until 10 days will be enough. You must wait at least 6 months for all swelling to pass and final shaping of your body. Although a sagging body after weight loss appears to be depressing, surgeries will increase happiness as your body form gets better and better.

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