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Breast Lift

Breast Lift Surgery

Why do breasts sag?

There are some ligaments holding both breasts on the breast muscle and retain their position. Breast tissue, i.e. the lactating part, keeps breasts firmer and harder. Breasts grow during breastfeeding and get filled up with milk and become heavier. They become even heavier with the effect of the weight gained during and after pregnancy. In this case, ligaments which keep the breasts lifted get loosened. Breasts get empty at the end of the breastfeeding period because mammary glands are reduced in size. Breast sagging is seen when this situation is repeated for several times. Gravity also pulls the breasts downward. Large breasts are sagging faster because the gravity effect is higher.

There is no method that can lift the sagged breasts without a surgery or scar. It is not medically possible to make the breasts beautiful by applying creams on the skin or ambiguous pills which are taken orally. You can improve your breast muscle by doing exercises, but this does not lift your breast.

Where are the operation scars?

The more sagging breasts are, the larger the scars will be. During the surgery, the breast is shaped and the nipple is lifted; if necessary, it is reduced or enlarged by placing silicon prosthesis. There is no method to provide the breast lift without leaving a scar. The most recent technique leaves scars around the coloured part of the nipple and downwards. If the breast sagging degree is too severe, a short horizontal line may be required.

Who can undergo an operation?

The person who wants to have breast lift surgery should be able to accept the scars. It is not necessary for the mildly sagging breasts, and the person does not feel uncomfortable about it. However, people have moderately, and even severely sagged breasts are suitable for this operation. It is possible to achieve lifted and well-shaped breasts at the end of the surgery. The degree of sagging determines the relationship between your nipples and the breast folding line. If the nipples are at the folding line, you have mild sagging; but if the nipples are under the folding line and directed downward, it means that you have severe sagging.

Patients who have no obstacle for general anaesthesia and who have severe breast sagging can undergo this operation.

How is the pre-operative and post-operative period?

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. It takes about 2 hours. The patient can be discharged after 12-24 hours. There might be a pain in arm movements for the first few days, but it can be controlled with painkillers. The patient can have a shower after 6 days. The tissue swelling will be prominent for the first month, but it is relieved then. It is better not to lift weight during the first 6 weeks. The patient can go on a walk after two weeks and play such sports as fitness and tennis after 6-8 weeks. Breasts can get the final shape around the 2nd month.