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Arm Aesthetics

Arm skin gets tightened when gaining weight, sometimes stretch marks may occur due to this tightness. The skin cannot recover itself after losing weight and sagging is seen. It is very prominent, especially when more than 15 kilos of weight is given. Sagging is usually prominent in the upper inner part of the arms. The skin in this region is thinner than the other parts of the arm and is not tightly adhered to the underlying muscle membrane. In other parts of the arm, skin and subcutaneous tissues firmly adhere to the underlying muscle membranes. Therefore, no sagging is seen. The biggest problem of these people is that they cannot wear short sleeves or sleeveless shirts when they raise their arms up or waves hands, these sagged parts are shaken, and stretch marks get visible on the skin.

Can sagging on the arm skin be treated with liposuction?

If the arm skin elasticity is very good and there are no stretch marks, liposuction can be tried. But it is unlikely to get good results. We apply liposuction in arms on the biceps area at most. Your surgeon should be very careful in this sense. The goal is to obtain a smooth surface after liposuction. It should be acted very restricted and controlled.

Does arm lift surgery leave a scar? Is there another option in a very sagged arm?

Arm lift surgery is the operation where an incision is made starting from axilla and extending along the interior surface of the arm through the elbow, then excess and sagging skin and subcutaneous tissue is removed, and the residual subcutaneous tissue is fixated on arm muscle membranes. There is no other option for a very sagging skin with stretch marks. Operation scars are not visible when arms are put sides. After a well-recovered arm lift operation, scars become invisible within 2 years.