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Face Rejuvenation with Fat Injection

Fat injection is based on the principle of taking fats from another part of your body with my specially-produced tools for this procedure at a low pressure and injecting the residual fat tissue after separating blood, serum and non-good quality fat tissue to the area which I want to make full.


In which areas is it often applied?

We can often use fat injection to fill the groove and collapsed areas formed by the effect of gravity and aging, fill the lips, fill the cheekbone area, enlarge the lower jaw, and sometimes remove congenital asymmetries on the face.

Fats are usually taken from the inner parts of legs, umbilicus and waist area. There will be no permanent slimming or irregularity in the fat-removed areas.

Should this procedure be performed in the operating room?

Certainly yes. The procedure should be performed in an operating room although no incision is made in the fat injection.