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Breast Aesthetics

Breast is one of the most important sexual and functional organs of women. The breast shape, size and its proportion to the body play a significant role for women to feel beautiful. Breast growth starts in the adolescence period and changes in the breast tissue continue for the whole life. The outer part of the breast consists of the dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue. The interior part of the breast consists of two tissues: the glandular part doing lactation (mammary glands) and adipose tissue. Mammary glands grow after giving birth and lactation through the action of hormones. After the period of breastfeeding, those glands are restored. The biggest change in breasts after the adolescence period occurs after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Another period when some changes are seen in breasts is the menopause. Except for these periods, some changes happen in breasts in case of significant weight gain and weight loss during the whole life. It is not easy for women to accept the changes that occur in their breasts or the problems that arise from the adolescence period. Therefore, breast aesthetics operations are of great importance.