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Buttock Aesthetics

Beautiful buttock can be described as a buttock having tight skin, slightly protruding in the back, compatible with the waist and leg, and having good muscular tonus. Structure of the pelvis is also important in the beauty of buttocks as well as the skin and muscular tissue. The structurally large bone structure cause buttocks to seem larger and legs to seem shorter.

When you decide on buttock shaping operation, look at the shape of your buttocks from the sides and back in front of the mirror. Are you complaining about the flatness of your buttocks or its bigness, or does the folding line of your butt exceed the midline or is it prominent along the whole buttocks line? With all these findings, your doctor will inform you of the most appropriate surgery.

What are buttock shaping operations?

Buttock shaping operations are lipofilling and liposuction (brasillian lift), buttock prosthesis and buttock lifting operations.

Buttock shaping with fat injection

While filling your buttocks with fat injection, I also apply liposuction to the areas of the excess fat tissue such as the waist and hip causing your buttocks to look flatter than normal. In this way, your buttocks will be more beautiful in a body with a curved waist and smooth legs. If your buttocks are moderately sagged, for example, think about the straight line dividing your buttocks into two parts at both sides. If the folding area exceeds the midline slightly, it means that you have moderately sagged buttocks. In this case, filling the lower folding area with fat injection will allow your buttocks to look more uplifted.

Muscle tonus and skin elasticity should be good, and buttocks should not be completely flat in order to get good results from buttock shaping with fat injection.

Buttock prosthesis

We perform buttock prosthesis operation in order to provide fullness in cases with flat buttocks and very low fullness. After making an incision on the hidden area, it is placed between the muscle tissue. Buttock prosthesis is also a prosthesis filled with silicone gel.

Does the buttock prosthesis burst when you sit down? Does it cause muscle weakness?

You can sit down on your buttocks comfortably after buttock prosthesis operation. After a while, you will forget its existence. It certainly does not create muscle weakness. In cases where you need to make an intra-muscular injection, it should be made from another region rather than the buttocks area.

Buttock lift

Buttock lift operation is an operation which is performed to restore the buttocks shape in people who have lost excess weight and therefore suffer from sagging in tissues. In this procedure, the sagging skin is removed, the patient’s own fat and subcutaneous tissue are appropriately folded and buttock fullness is formed and covered on the buttock skin. It leaves a scar. However, it is satisfactory in terms of the result.