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Genital Area Aesthetics

What is genital area aesthetics? What procedures are applied?

It means that the genital area meets the aesthetic and young norms; the outer lips are full and flat to a certain extent, the venus peak is not too full or too flat, the inner lips do not appear from the outside when you close your legs, the vaginal entry is elliptical downwards and inside of the vagina is not seen when legs are opened by being folded from knees. At the same time, it is aesthetically better if the skin of the genital area is not darker than the body.

Surgeries that I frequently perform are vaginal narrowing (vaginoplasty), reduction of inner lips (labiaplasty), removal of the sagging on the external lips, filling the outer lips and the venus peak by fat injection, reduction of the protruding on the venus peak by liposuction.

Who should undergo vaginoplasty operation?

If the pleasure you receive from a sexual intercourse has decreased especially after the last birth, if your spouse complains about the same subject, there is a sound similar to the gas outlet during the sexual intercourse and you get embarrassed about this situation, even this sound occurs when you move and do exercises, it means that you need this operation.

If your vaginal entrance is too wide and irregular in the examination and if your vaginal width is excessive, and if the posterior wall of the vagina can be seen when your legs are opened to the sides by bending from knees, it means that you are suitable for this operation.

How is the operation performed?

It is appropriate to perform this surgery under general anaesthesia. It takes an average of 1.5 hours. During the operation, we also tighten the loosened vaginal wall muscles while narrowing the inner coverage of the vagina. The main tightening effect is the tightening of these muscles.

Is there excessive pain after the operation?

Certainly no. There may be a slight tingling and a sense of fullness because of the packing. After removing the packing, you will be greatly relieved. Your stitches will dissolve spontaneously. I want you to have a 3-4 week break in sexual intercourse.

What is labiaplasty operation? In which condition is it made?

Labiaplasty is applied for internal and external lips. Internal lips grow over the years with congenital factors in some people and with normal delivery and repeated sexual intercourse in some people. This situation may be accompanied by small or less developed external lips. Normally, the inner lips should not be visible when you join your legs. Large internal lips cause an aesthetically unpleasant appearance and it is difficult to provide the hygiene. It sometimes becomes so large and sagged that it may cause some problems in sexual intercourse.

Removal of the excess and sagging tissue accumulated on the clitoris is another operation. Since it removes the curtain in front of the clitoris, it will increase your pleasure from sexual intercourse.

While the inner lips are minimized, the external lips can be made more vigorous and younger by fat injection. It can be corrected if there is a very sagging and loosened appearance.

Do I have to stay in the hospital after the operation? Does it cause a permanent sense loss? Does the hymen get harmed?

Labiaplasty operations are in the operation group where you feel a mild degree of pain. It is applied under general anaesthesia. It is sufficient to stay in the hospital for 6 hours after the operation. You can return to work 3 days after the surgery. It is appropriate to interrupt sexual intercourse for 3 weeks. Your stitches will dissolve spontaneously.

With the latest surgical techniques described, it is possible to reduce the inner lips in a most natural way without causing a loss of sensation. The hymen is a completely separate anatomical structure and minimizing the inner lips does not harm your hymen.